The main disciplines of each year’s race are Trekking, Mountain Biking, Sea Kayaking and River Kayaking.

This is applicable to both the Full Course and the Half Course. In addition to these specific disciplines, teams will need to be well practiced in their navigation. Good route planning skills will be an advantage, and could definitely save your team many hours of hard work! Each year additional disciplines may be included depending on the race location.  If these are included they will be promulgated in the Competitor Information Pack.

The Geo-Half generally does not include ocean kayaking.

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In very general terms Full Course teams could expect total approximate trekking of 50-60km, mountain biking of 110-130km and kayaking 40-50km.

Geo-Half teams in general can expect approximate total distances of trekking 25-35km, mountain biking 60-70km and kayaking 15-25km.