Support crews are a vital part of the Mountain Designs GeoQuest race. In recent years, many teams support crews have gotten bigger as kids, parents and even grandparents choose to come along and support.

One reason is that the event is held in great locations and ensures that everyone gets to enjoy the unique attractions of the area – even if they are not racing. There are random draw prizes and t-shirts for support crews.

While it can be a lot of fun, support crews do need to be aware that they will likely get little sleep and spend lots of time waiting for their teams around the course. If you are bringing kids or worried about getting little sleep, make sure you have a few adults acting as support crew so you can roster duties.


Each team is to have a minimum of one person as a support crew. You will need to move your teams equipment to pre-positioned areas on the course through out the race. You may also provide a small amount of assistance to teams at specified transition areas on the course.



  • Deliver/ retrieve team equipment (possibly boats/ bikes) to Transition Areas. (Note: event volunteers will be available to assist in lifting boats/ bikes etc if support crew members have physical limitations)

  • Assist your team as specified Transition Areas on the course.

  • Be prepared to pick your team up from the course if they pull out.

  • Keep all your teams equipment safe and secure when they are not using it.

  • Drive the team home after the race.


  • Bring a tablet so you can follow your team on the live tracking website

  • Register your phone number with HQ to make it easier for them to contact you if required.

  • Prepare food and drinks for your team – talk to them and devise a plan.

  • Assist with minor ailments, scratches, blisters etc.

  • Keep “an eye on” your team to make sure they are ok.

  • Remind them of the mandatory equipment they must carry.

  • Provide motivation to them when they are exhausted.

  • Lend a hand to any other support crews out there who get into any trouble.

  • Meet your team at the finish line and cheer their efforts

Support crews are NOT allowed to:

  • Assist teams in any location outside a designated Transition Area or Race HQ;

  • Other rules regarding support crews can be found on the rules page.

You will NOT need a 4WD vehicle. It is possible you may need the capability to move your entire team and ALL their equipment at any stage of the race. Generally though if your vehicles are not capable of this, it should be possible to do a shuttle of teams members and equipment.

Finally, the support crews a crucial element of the race. A good support crew will make a huge difference, and you can be sure your team will think the world of you. However, it is not all hard work and no fun for the support crews. With so many people in one area doing the same thing, you can expect to also have quite a social time!